About the Moore Free & Charitable Clinic

Providing Health Services to People at Risk in Our Community

Moore Free & Charitable Clinic is a private, non-profit organization that provides primary care services for a sliding scale fee for service to adults who meet certain eligibility guidelines. Even in a relatively affluent area like Moore County, there are many who are unable to access proper medical care because of its cost and because they lack health insurance coverage. Who are the uninsured? They may be your hairdresser, the day care teacher or the single mother down the street. The uninsured are all around us, but it is a silent epidemic. The Moore Free & Charitable Clinic was established to help those in the community who have no other place to turn for health services.

By helping provide primary care to people without insurance coverage, the Moore Free & Charitable Clinic hopes to reduce the burden of preventable health problems in this community. Untreated, chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure lead to complications that can disable or kill people. Helping people recognize and treat diseases in their early stages, instead of in the emergency room, improves outcomes and is cost-effective. While Moore Free & Charitable Clinic is not the complete solution to the problem of the uninsured, it is a local, community-initiated response that has improved the quality of life of many people in Moore County.

The clinic has a small staff and many, many faithful volunteers who assist in all aspects of operations, including volunteer physicians, mid-level practitioners and nurses. The clinic is funded solely through the generosity of community donors and grants from various organizations. For information on how you may be able to help, please click here. Volunteer Opportunities, Donations, Wish List

The financial statements of Moore Free & Charitable Clinic are audited by the independent audit firm of Busby and Company and are available on request by contacting Debbie Whitley at 910-246-5333.