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What is a free clinic?

Free clinics are nonprofit, community-based organizations that provide medical care at little or no charge to low-income, uninsured persons through the use of volunteer health care professionals, partnerships with specialty health care providers, and, in some cases, through employed medical staff.

What does the typical free clinic patient "look like"?

A free clinic patient looks like the person in line with you at the grocery store, or in the pews with you at church. A patient is typically high school educated, perhaps with some college experience, and is often working, but either can’t afford, is not offered, or is not eligible for health insurance (“the working poor”). Sometimes, a person may lack health insurance because they work more than one part-time job when full-time employment with benefits is not available. In terms of ethnicity, patients typically match the makeup of the community.

What types of services do free clinics provide?

Free clinics provide medical and dental care, as well as prescription medications, for low-income, uninsured and other vulnerable populations in 72+ counties and cities across the State. In some clinics there are specialty services provided, even in some cases mental health care.

What is the difference between free clinics and local health departments?

Free clinics are not public agencies and are not run by the government, as local health departments are. Free clinics, therefore, are dependent upon the generosity of the community, as well as grants, to sustain operations.

How many free clinics are there?

In North Carolina there are 79 free clinics who reach and serve 53 of the 100 NC counties. The first free clinic was opened in Winston-Salem in 1972. Free clinics are connected with one another for the exchange of information and ideas, etc. by the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics, with an office in Winston-Salem. North Carolina has the largest Free Clinic association in the country serving both rural and urban locations throughout the state. 

What impact do the free clinics make?

During 2010, in North Carolina, $162,00,000 in free health services were delivered to uninsured patients totalling more than 205,000 patient encounters. The volunteer workforce equaled 9,600+ volunteer healthcare professionals and dedicated community volunteers-donating more than 399,000 hours of service.
Free clinics are delivering quality care and improving the health ofthe uninsured.
See the 2011 NCAFC Outcomes Report issued by the NC Association of Free Clinics.

Where do free clinics obtain their funding?

Funding comes primarily from the private sector( e.g. foundations, businesses, civic organizations, churches, and individuals, etc.) Clinics provide an outstanding value for the contributions they receive. On average, for every $1.00 used to operate a clinic, $6.54 in free health services is provided.

Who can receive health care services at Moore Free Care Clinic?

Eligilibility Page

What types of services are provided at the clinic?

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Are all Moore Free & Charitable Clinic services free of charge?

 In response to the increasing demand and rising health care cost, Moore Free & Charitable Clinic will begin a
Fee for Service Program effective November 11, 2013. This means that there will be a discounted sliding scale fee for patient visits to the clinic. Medication assistance and blood pressure checks will continue to be free.

Who provides patient care at the clinic?

While there is a paid staff of five full-time employees, medical and nursing volunteers also care for patients. All medical providers are licensed by the state.

Does the free clinic provide obstetrical services?

No. Patients requesting pregnancy information are referred to other established community agencies, such as the Moore County Department of Health, obstetrics practices or counseling services.

How can I volunteer?

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How do I contribute?

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