Board and Staff

2018 Officers

Jim Heisey, Chair
Veronica Sanchez, Vice-Chair
Mark Bouchier, Treasurer/Finance Chair
Anita Leathers, Secretary
Fabian Rodriquez, M.D. , Medical Director

Ex-Officio Member

Anthony Price, Chief Executive Officer

2018 Board Members

Michael Antil, MD
Shriley Baldwin, RN
Dan Barnes, DO
H. David Bruton, MD, Director-Emeritus
James Connell
Jayme Edin
Tracey Harbour
Kerry Hooper
Rev. David Hudson
Vera Jennings
Brian McMerty


Anthony Price, Chief Executive Officer
Abigail Bivans, PA-C, Clinic Director
Jennifer Hinson, Eligibility Coordinator
Janeen Roehr, Medical Receptionist
Misty Pedacchio, PA-C
Teresa Hanf, Charge Nurse
Stacy Thompson, RN
Melinda Wallace, CPht - FirstHealth Cares and Pharmacy Manager
Shea Unsworth - Patient Medication Assistance
Debbie Whitley, Office and Finance Manager