Moore Free Care Clinic

Board and Staff

2014 Officers

Derek Pszenny, Chair
Rose Young, Vice-Chair
Mark Bouchier, Treasurer/Finance Chair
Pamela Phillips, Secretary
Fabian Rodriquez, M.D. , Medical Director

Ex-Officio Member

Anthony Price, Chief Executive Officer

2014 Board Members

Michael Antil, MD
Shirley Baldwin, RN
Dan Barnes, DO
Kathryn Brown
H. David Bruton, MD
Matt Chriscoe
John Eastman
Anna Edwards
Celestine Edwards
John Rezen
Mary Schneider
Stuart Tuffnell
Dorothy Whitcomb


Anthony Price, Chief Executive Officer
Abigail Bivans  PA-C, Clinic Director
Rich Lewis, Administrative Assistant
Crystal Roberts, R.N., Charge Nurse
Debbie Whitley, Office and Finance Manager
Jasmine Mickle, Eligibility Coordinator
Edward Squire, MD - Pulmonology