Board and Staff

2016 Officers

Rose Young, Chair
Shirley Baldwin,RN, Vice-Chair
Mark Bouchier, Treasurer/Finance Chair
Anna Edwards, Secretary
Fabian Rodriquez, M.D. , Medical Director

Ex-Officio Member

Anthony Price, Chief Executive Officer

2015 Board Members

Michael Antil, MD
Dan Barnes, DO
H. David Bruton, MD, Director-Emeritus
Matt Chriscoe
Lawrence (Bill) Demastus
Tracey Harbour
Jim Heisey
Kerry Hooper
Derek Pszenny
John Rezen
Sandy Garratt


Anthony Price, Chief Executive Officer
Courtney Harms, Eligibility Coordinator
McKenzie Herbst, FNP-C , Clinic Director
Rich Lewis, Eligibility Coordinator
Heidi Martins, LPN
Misty Pedacchio, PA-C
John Roberts, MD - Urology
Crystal Roberts, R.N., Charge Nurse
Edward Squire, MD - Pulmonology
Melinda Wallace, CPht - FirstHealth Cares and Pharmacy Manager
Debbie Whitley, Office and Finance Manager