About Us

OUR VISION: The Moore Free & Charitable Clinic seeks to create a healthy community through a collaborative effort with the purpose of providing health equity for the uninsured. 


Providing Health Services to People at Risk in Our Community

Moore Free & Charitable Clinic is a private, non-profit organization that provides primary care services at low or no cost to eligible adult residents of Moore County. Even in Moore County, there are many who are unable to obtain affordable medical care because they lack health insurance coverage. Who are the uninsured? They may be your hairdresser, the day care teacher or the single mother down the street. The uninsured are all around us, but it is a silent epidemic. Moore Free & Charitable Clinic was established to help those in the community who have no other place to turn for a medical home. 

By providing quality primary care to the uninsured, we  reduce the burden of preventable health problems in this community. Untreated, chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure lead to complications that can disable or kill people. Helping people recognize and treat diseases in their early stages, instead of in the emergency room, improves outcomes and is cost-effective. We are a local, community-initiated response that has improved the quality of life of many people in Moore County. 

For more information on our mission and how this generous community has supported us since 2004, please read Making Moore County Healthy For All at the link below.

Our Board


2019 Officers

  • Jim Heisey, Chair
  • Veronica Sanchez, Vice-Chair
  • Mark Bouchier, Treasurer/Finance Chair 
  • Vera Jennings, Secretary 

Ex-Officio Members

  •  Anthony Price, Chief Executive Officer  
  •  Fabian Rodriquez, MD, Medical Director 

2019 Board Members

  •  Michael Antil, MD
  • Shirley Baldwin, RN
  • Dan Barnes, DO 
  • David Bruton, MD, Medical Director Emeritus
  • James Connell
  • Michael Edwards, MD
  • Tracey Harbour, RN, BSN
  • Kerry Hooper
  • Rev. David Hudson
  • Terry McDaniel
  • Rose Young, JD




  •  Abigail Bivans, PA-C, Clinic Director
  • Teresa Hanf, RN, Charge Nurse
  • Jennifer Hinson, Eligibility Coordinator
  • Misty Pedacchio, PA-C
  • Janeen Roehr, Medical Receptionist
  • Esther Ross, Patient Assistance Coordinator
  • Stacy Thompson, RN
  • Melinda Wallace, CPht, FirstHealth Cares and Pharmacy Coordinator
  • Debbie Whitley, Office and Finance Manager
  • Anthony Price, Chief Executive Officer



Organizational Partners and Supporters

Moore Free & Charitable Clinic is sustained through a community-wide effort which includes many individual gifts, and donations, grants and in-kind contributions from the following generous organizational partners and supporters:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation  

John W. and Marjorie A. Roffe Endowment  

Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust 

The Cannon Foundation 

North Carolina Association of Free and Charitable Clinics 

The Duke Endowment 

Moore County Community Foundation 

North Carolina Community Foundation 

Foundation for the Carolinas

C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation 

Susan B. Komen Foundation

The Foundation of FirstHealth, Inc.

Glaxo Smith Kline 

O'Malley Investments

Pinehurst LLC 

FirstHealth of the Carolinas  

St. Joseph of the Pines 

Southern Pines Diagnostic Imaging 

Pinehurst Neurology 

Pinehurst Medical Clinic 

Pinehurst Surgical Clinic 

Carolina Eye Associates PA 

Neese Family Health Clinic 

Pinehurst Radiology 

Southern Pines Physical Therapy 

Cooper's Pharmacy 

Sandhills Emergency Physicians

Pinehurst Cardiology Consultants 

Pinehurst Foot Specialists 

Walmart Pharmacy 

Forte Fitness

Sandhills Community College Nursing Program

Community Care Network of the Sandhills 

Moore County Government 

Bethesda Presbyterian Church 

Brownson Presbyterian Church 

Cameron Presbyterian Church

Chapel in the Pines, Inc. 

Community Presbyterian Church 

Community Congregational Church

Emmanuel Episcopal Church and Thrift Shop 

First Baptist Church of Southern Pines 

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Southern Pines United Methodist 

Pinehurst United Methodist Church 

The Village Chapel, Inc. 

Hollyhocks Art Gallery

Whispering Pines Thrift Shop


Volunteer Dentists

Monroe & Monroe    

Volunteer Providers

Dr. Michael Antil 

Dr. Greg Blakely 

Dr. Lori Heim 

Dr. Walter Morris 

Dr. Fabian Rodriguez 

Angela Meredith, PA-C  

Sifiso Rodger, FNP 

Jane Schwanting, PMHNP 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a free and charitable health clinic?

Free and charitable health clinics are nonprofit, community-based organizations that provide medical care at little or no charge to low-income, uninsured persons through the use of volunteer health care professionals, partnerships with specialty health care providers, and, in some cases, through employed medical staff.

Who is the typical free and charitable clinic patient?

A free and charitable clinic patient is the person in line with you at the grocery store, or in the pews with you at church. A patient is often working, but either can’t afford, is not offered, or is not eligible for health insurance (“the working poor”). Sometimes, a person may lack health insurance because they work more than one part-time job when full-time employment with benefits is not available. In terms of ethnicity, patients typically match the makeup of the community.  

What types of services do free clinics provide?

It depends on the clinic, but free clinics can provide medical, behavioral and dental care, as well as prescription medications, for low-income, uninsured and other vulnerable populations throughout North Carolina.  

What is the difference between free and charitable clinics and local health   departments? 

Free clinics are not public agencies and are not run by the state or county government, as local health departments are. Free and charitable clinics, therefore, are dependent upon the generosity of the community, as well as grants, to sustain operations.  

How many free and charitable clinics are there? 

In North Carolina there are 68 free clinics who reach and serve 87 clinic sites. The first free clinic was opened in Winston-Salem in 1972. Free clinics are connected with one another for the exchange of information and ideas, etc. by the North Carolina Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, with an office in Winston-Salem. North Carolina has the largest free clinic association in the country, serving both rural and urban locations throughout the state.     

What impact do the free and charitable clinics make? 

During 2016, in North Carolina, $234,913,400 in free health services were delivered to 75,000+ uninsured patients. The volunteer workforce equaled 8,000+ volunteer healthcare professionals and dedicated community volunteers-donating more than 499,000 hours of service. Free clinics are delivering quality care and improving the health of the uninsured.

Where do free and charitable clinics obtain their funding? 

Funding comes primarily from individual donations from businesses, civic organizations, churches, and community members. Foundations also make some grant money available. Clinics provide an outstanding value for the contributions they receive. At Moore Free & Charitable Clinic in 2018, for every $1.00 donated, $29.61 in health services is provided.  

Who can receive health care services at Moore Free & Charitable Clinic?

See the  Eligilibility Page for information about eligibility guidlines.


What types of services are provided here?  

See the Health Services page for more information.  


What are the fees for Moore Free and Charitable Clinic services?

Click on Patient Fees for more information. 

Who provides patient care at Moore Free & Charitable Clinic?  

We have one full-time physician assistant and one part-time  physician assistant. They are supported by paid and volunteer registered nurses and staff. All medical providers are licensed by the state and in good standing. 


Does Moore Free & Charitable Clinic provide pregnancy services?  

No. Patients needing pregnancy services are referred to other community resources, such as the Moore County Department of Health, local obstetrics practices or counseling services. 


How can I volunteer?  

See the  Volunteer Opportunities Page 

How do I contribute?  

See the  Donations Page for more information.